This web site aims at presenting relevant information about Kosovo Forests’ as well as serving as a tool for their promotion as irreplaceable national treasure. Navigation through this site will give you an opportunity to become familiar with the values of the forest resources in Kosovo.

This site also gives comprehensive overview of the work of institutions dealing with forests and forestry such as Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development – Department for Forestry, Forest Management Board, Kosovo Forest Agency, Municipal Forestry Directorates, Association of the Private Forest Owners, donor funded projects, environmental NGOs, etc.


In this section you will find general information on Kosovo Forests and places to visit. Kosovo Forests are rich in diversity with varieties of trees specific both in terms of usage and appearance.

Nature Conservation and Biodiversity

Find detailed information on conservation and biodiversity in relation to forests in general and how these two very important issues have direct impact in Kosovo forests as well as indirect consequences to life in Kosovo in broader terms.


Forest Health section provides information to professionals, private owners and citizens on maintenance and prevention of forest diseases, identification of forest diseases in early stages and other important guidelines to better and healthier forests. Your direct contribution to forest health can start here ...


Information about use of wood as fuel. Fuel-wood is the only affordable and domestic available source of energy in Kosovo besides lignite. Practical info about efficient and environmental friendly use can be found here.