About KFIS

Kosovo Forest Information System – KFIS

Having in mind the need for information management of Kosovo forestry sector, within the project GCP/KOS/005/FIN, “Support of Implementation of Forestry policy and strategy in Kosovo”, FAO took the initiative to assist Kosovo institutions, mandated with forest management, to develop a Kosovo Forestry Information System (KFIS). Kosovo Forestry Agency has the mandate for forest management, and it is responsible for regulating forests and forestlands, administration and management of public forestlands and forests in Kosovo National Parks (except those explicitly assigned to some other governmental body by law).

In this context, FAO aims to build up an information system that will serve as an IT tool to cover the KFA needs in carrying out its forest management mandate.

Development of KFIS aims at providing assistance to Kosovo forestry policy and strategy implementation, through enabling and/or facilitating the production, storing, processing and exchange of forestry information. Through more accurate, comprehensive, updated and converted information unto statistics, the forest management will improve at all administrative levels.

KFIS will be developed as an IT tool for the KFA and as such, it will be under the maintenance and responsibility of KFA in the ownership of MAFRD. Since it is foreseen as a KFA tool for implementation of government”s mandate, the system design aims to reflect the organogram under which KFA works, namely, it will be a system that has a central database in KFA. All Kosovo municipal offices, six coordinating regional office and KFA and will use this system. Other relevant institutions and Kosovo citizens will have limited use in entire Kosovo. Since the system is thought to be based on web-technology, access to system is possible from every location in the world through internet, with appropriate security measures and user access level in place.